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Technological solutions

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PRIZNAK provides the advisory service to companies in complying with their tax obligations, identifying opportunities for reducing risks and tax savings in a technological and automated way.We make this service that your Accounting reflects the reality with the help of computer technology.

Software Development

The PRIZNAK team specializes in custom software design and development to increase business profitability. We help our clients streamline business processes in the areas of operations, purchasing, services, sales, finance and human resource management by building complex, customizable, scalable and secure systems.

We have a team that understands, defines and communicates the vision of the project, the main business processes and the business requirements; works in the implementation of the project using the best technologies and approaches in design, development and quality assurance; and that provides long-term support and maintenance to ensure a stable relationship to ensure the improvement of our clients' businesses.

Web Design and Development

We design, plan and develop interactive web pages adapting your ideas and needs in innovative approaches.

The PRIZNAK team includes creative designers-developers, website and e-commerce designers-developers, also digital marketing experts and brilliant mobile app developers.

API Development

Right now, APIs connect our digital world in ways we could never have imagined. For mission-critical applications to reach their full potential, they must be able to effortlessly integrate with both internal and external systems, leveraging as much data and functionality as possible.

Mobile Application Development

Design, develop and implement the perfect enterprise class application for your business. We create native, hybrid and multiplatform applications, according to the different needs of our clients


Our strategic partners

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Priznak has allies in the world in more than 5 countries. It has the representation and support of the main technology and telecommunications firms, which allows us to give them the best solutions.

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